HP Ink 564 / 920 / 932 / 940 / 950 IC Chip

Ink cartridges for HP 564 / 920 / 932 / 940 / 950 are launched.

Note :    Most of these cartridges comes with IC chip already installed on the cartridge, so it is simply plug-and-play type.
However, occasionally, we supply cartridges with a adapter type that needs to be installed into the printer, followed by the cartridge.

(below is for illustration, user is not expected to do the transferring of IC chip, as we will supply them attached on the adapter,
but if you would like to try on your old cartridge, below is the instruction)


The cartridges comes with IC chip at the bottom of the cartridge, which compatible IC chip has not been developed yet.  Hence we will need to use back the old IC chip. The tranfering of the IC chip is very simple.


Step 1 :  Remove the IC Chip by using a pen knife. Do not bend the chip, simply slide under the chip. The IC is attached to the ink cartridge by a double-side tape.


Step 2 :  Transfer the IC Chip to the plastic adaptor provided. No glue is needed since the back of the IC chip already has residue double-side tape.


Step 3 :  After the IC chip is stuck onto the plastic adaptor, it is now ready to be placed into the printer. This IC chip shall be placed into the printer permanently. The shape of the adaptor will fit into the slot in the printer like a LEGO brick.

Step 4 :  Then install a new ORINK compatible ink cartidge into the printer. Printer is ready to print. When ink is used up, simply replace a new tank. IC Chip shall remain inside permanently.

Note :   The IC chip functions like a ID Chip such that the printer know that the right color cartridge is installed into the printer. All our ORINK branded ink cartridges comes with ink level sensor, such that when the ink is beginning to run out, the printer will know.